zaterdag 21 juni 2014

La Festa della Lavanda - Castelnuovo d'Assisi

This weekend I did something that I actually had planned last year: I visited La Festa della Lavanda in Castenuovo d'Assisi. It is a fair organized by Il Lavandeto d'Assisi who grow various types of lavender.

But, besides the impressive lavender fields, there were a lot of other herbs and plants to be admired. Their santolina collection took my breath away and it was a pure pleasure to walk through the symmetric herbgarden.

There were the common kitchen herbs we all know, in very appelling combinations of colours and structures.

Apart from the common herbs, there were several types of basil of which the Basilico Greco drew my attention in particular because of its delicate leaves.

The few children I saw were happy too because there was a coop full of chickens with two very small and furry ones in it. They moved too fast to get a decent picture. There was een a small pond occupied by frogs, but of course, by the time I arrived they had all jumped in and were nowhere to be spotted. 

The children ran off to find their way in the lavender labyrinth.

By the time all the plants had been admired, there was still a small fair with several stands offering their own specialties. Lavender and herbplants, of course, but there were opportunities to follow workshops in order to learn how to make ointments or tisanes as well.

There was a stand with maiolica, all hand made in Deruta, artisan baskets, paintings or you could try home made lavender lemonade.

The best news? It's still there tomorrow, and the weekend of the 28/29th of June too.

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