zaterdag 25 januari 2014

Trevi - terrific oil

It´s about time to pay the debt I collected in March. The perfect time to write part I about a place that I have visited for the first time in Novembre 2012 for the Frantoi Aperti:
Olio Trevi il Frantoio.

Even though I pick my own olives and therefor have my own EVOO – Extra Vergine Olive Oil – and have written about it more than once, it strikes me everytime I realize that this heartwarming experience is so unknown to people outside of Italy. 

They know about olive oil, of course, but there´s a difference between knowing something and living something. The Umbrian people live their olives.

As I told you before I have stayed at Trevi for ten years and had a wonderful time. Even after having moved to the Todi area and fallen in love with it desperately, I visit Trevi every time I am in Umbria. The very view of the village, glued against the Monte Serano, will make you want to climb its alleys and discover what´s inside.

Just outside Trevi you can find the Frantoio, but it´s more than just a factory selling olive oil. Visiting it during the Frantoi Aperti was an event I am planning to repeat, for it was really big fun. Click here to read about it and see what you too can find too.

After this I kept thinking about a way to get people acquainted to the fluid gold I love so much and let them taste a great oil over a merely good one. That brought me to Olio Trevi Il Frantoio again.
The smell when you step inside will make you hungry and greedy on the spot.

You will get a view of the way they turn the small blue and green marbles into the oil that makes every meal a party and that will change an ordinary slice of bread into a dream you don´t want to wake up from.

And there´s more. Besides various types of plain olive oil, Olio Trevi il Frantoio sells several sorts of seasoned oil. I mention peperoncino (peppers), basil, lemon, anice, oregano and rosemary.
To continue, try an olive paste or the one with porcini, name it and it´s there. Their oil is even used for delicate cosmetics.

It´s all sold in the little shop at the factory and the only warning that I have to give you, is that it all looks so lovely that it will be hard to choose.

To learn more, there´s an excellent website you can check. Or...

wait for my part II.. because I have a few things you can actually taste. To be continued!

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