zaterdag 25 januari 2014

What I do miss sometimes

Note : I wrote this three years ago. Today, everything I missed then has now been realized. 

Just saying.. because it seems like Í only see the good things here. I am not going to write who I miss, first, because it makes no sense, second, when I'm in Holland I sure miss my friends over here. What I miss are a few little, not very important things one could easily do without.
But since I have to leave on sunday, it seems like a good idea to jot down some things to look forward to.. so let's give it a try.
1. Pio. The only one I am not going to leave without. I wonder how long it takes before he has changed into a hunting, wild outside thing.
2. My kitchen and the things in it. However, I am not sure the electricity here can handle my cutter. But when one spends a lot of time making capocollo, ham and salami it would serve.I don't like to spill my energy over a dull knife.., so,
3. My knives. Though, in this land, butchers are still butchers, so you can ask for everything the way you'd want it. When I go to the butchers' here, I need two hours. Fifteen minutes to get there, one hour and a half in the store, for everyone has an opinion on what I buy, they all have better recipes and after that there's also the wounded foot of the neighbor of the aunt of Antonios' first cousins mother to discuss. And yet I am still the outsider... o, and fifteen minutes to head home.
4. My paintings - posters and things like that. But since I bought them all in Umbria, it won't be too hard to get me some new ones. So let me just mention the reproduction of a fifteenth century map.
5. The heating. Or at least hot water. It seems very nice to open the tap and have hot water running from it.
6. Matching plates and glasses and so on. To have six matching forks instead of four, matching bowls, six wineglasses that look fine instead of only three (that I bought) and three others that happen to look a little like wineglasses. But anyway, one time tourists and only half of it lasts.
7. Compost. Instead of dry, rocky ground. But hey, once planted, everything grows better in this land. And there's always Tudergreen.......
So, it means that the only thing I really have to transport is my lovely adorable Pio il mio Dio.What I

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