zaterdag 25 januari 2014

Splendid Scheggino and Fabulous Ferentillo

Today I decided to see some more of Umbria and I still wanted to see Monteleone di Spoleto, but right after the tunnel there was a sign to the Truffle museum in Scheggino with a punta vendita, which seemed very attractive so I ended up in Scheggino instead.

Wrong decision, because it only opens on saturdays and sundays. But as Scheggino was very lovely  and I certainly will come back, it didn´t matter too much. Scheggino, situated on the Nera banks – if you like rafting, go there – offered the usual steep alleys, very well kept, a nice church (closed) and a medieval wall. In the centre of the village was a small canal and in it was a man with a scythe, cutting the weeds. I took a picture but it seemed a little impertinent to approach him while he was working so hard in this wretched heat, so the picture is not very good.

After Scheggino the road went to Ferentillo, and since I have always wanted to see the Abbazzia San Pietro in Valle, I decided to skip Monteleone definitely (this time). It takes some patience to get there, for the road up is steep, narrow and you can make sure there will be a farmer driving 30 kmph in front of you, and it ends in an unpaved road, but when you have endured all that, you sure know why you did it.

The Abbazzia is wonderful, it has fresco´s on both sides, on the right all scenes from the New Testament, an altar on the left with two very small, low and narrow entrances, a Lo Spagna fresco and several tombs that are well kept and beautifully decorated.

The entranceticket was also valid for `The Mummies` at Ferentillo. It sounds like a movietitle, but in fact the museum was very nice. It is situated in a former church that also contained the graveyard, but after a law prescribed that all graveyards ha to be moved outside the citywalls, they dug up the bodies and they appeared to be mummified, because of a micro-organism that withdraws the liquids from a body and keeps the rest intact. This mummifying process only takes about a year.
Each mummy had its own story or legend, mighty interesting...though I hope I can still sleep at night...
And no pics allowed, so go there and have a bad dream too..

After that I had a great lunch at Trattoria di Marilu in Piediluco, with a view of the lake. Fish, of course, so I got company. Too bad for him I had just finished it all. 

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