zaterdag 25 januari 2014

I was here....and you can be too - the wonderful Casa Meridiana

When opening my can of extra vergine olive oil my thoughts wandered back to that marvellous day in fall when I went to pick olives at my friends place in Todi, Umbria

I really like picking olives, but it certainly makes a difference to pick them in good company and have a nice picknick outside. Another very relaxing moment occurred after the picking was done. We went inside and had a homemade limoncello – click here when you want to try and make your own.

I felt completely at ease, having finished the work and being in a beautiful countryhouse. And this is exactly what I want to tell you about. The house, called La Meridiana, is situated in the Umbrian countryside, just a few miles from Todi. 

It has a lovely garden, bordering the olive grove, with an ample pool and several cute spots to sit down and relax.

I had already gotten very enthousiastic by being outside, but when I came in I almost became lyrical about the interior. The lounge downstairs, merely used to organize tasting sessions, is decorated in all matching colours and an example of good taste.

Fortunately, my friends agreed to show me the rest of the house. Downstairs, with a view on the pool, was a nice appartment, called Il Forno (the oven) that in the past housed the oven. The oven was still visible and instantly made me feel like having a pizza on its roofed porch. I fell in love once again.

And there was even more. On the first floor I found a gorgeous living room that was serenely decorated which made it very peaceful. 

Further, the first floor consists of two large bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. 

As I was told, both rooms are decorated in the so called `arte povera` style. And it was exactly this simplicity combined to all modern comfort that made it very attractive.

And that was even before I had seen the kitchen

Not only is it fully equiped, but it is large too. When you add its interior to the thought of all the awesome Umbrian dishes, I can imagine you´d like to spend all of your holidays in this kitchen and still enjoy every minute.

Luckily, the large terrace is as appealing as the inside. Sitting there, you have a splendid view of Todi and the stunning Umbrian surroundings. 

Imagine having spent a day in this land, so rich in culture and treasures of art, and after that coming home, sit on this terrace with a drink and enjoy its beauty once again.

But even then it was not finished. 

On the second floor, called La Torre (the tower) is another large, open space suitable for four persons and another bathroom. From the wide terrace the view of Todi is overwhelming.

When writing all this my memories almost make me a bit sad because I am not there. I felt very happy there because I think this place is one of the most wonderful I have ever seen and I am longing to go back there.

But there is good news too, as it can be rented for holidays!!

The smaller one, Il Forno, is separately available as a Bed and Breakfast for 2-3 persons, but especially for families, or groups (it serves to groups from 8-12 persons) that prefer to spend time together but like a little privacy too, renting this paradise would be a great opportunity. Every part of the house can be closed and has its own entrance.

If you want to learn more, just let me know, for there´s a special possibility for the readers of my blog.

I wish everyone to experience this particularly good feeling..

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