zaterdag 25 januari 2014

Truffles in Trevi

Being a declared fan of Umbria means automatically loving its food. Those of you who visit my blog regularly have already been informed about the wild asparagus, lentils, red potatoes, onions and porcini, but somehow I have never written about Gods gift to nature: truffles.

Maybe it is because I never went truffle hunting. It is one of my biggest desires to roam around the Umbrian hills and search for this precious, rare fungus that grows beneath the earth, on the roots of a tree (mostly an oak). Squirrels and wild boar are very good at finding them, but they eat the truffles themselves, so that´s why truffle hunters like my Umbrian neighbor mostly bring specially trained dogs.

I stil hope to be invited to join him some day, but in the meantime we all rely on those who do know how to provide us the delicious products that are a small part of Umbrias treasures. Fortunately, I know where to go and get them and I am happy to share with you.

I already recommended Trevi as a `don´t miss it` village and this spot will give you an extra reason. A few kilometres from the centre, at Pigge di Trevi, you will find a small shop containing everything you have ever dreamed of when it comes to food. Is is part of a family company that is devoted to the utmost quality of their products. I am proud to present 

Antonio Fortunati

Besides truffles and mushrooms (fresh, conservated and frozen), you can find a lot of other delicacies, like wine and olive oil, cheese and charcuteries, honey, marmelade and special kinds of pasta like the typical Umbrian strangozzi, all produced with a dedication that you will only find in a long tradition of love for the land and the food it offers.

But let´s go back to the original subject. Fortunati has an extended choice of truffle and mushroom products. How about a truffle salsa, a truffle-seasoned rice, or tagliatelle with white truffle? Ever tasted a crostino with porcini cream?

Actually, you should go, see and enjoy for yourself. I gladly arrange a visit for you. And if you´re not so lucky to visit Umbria this year? Even then I have good news: Antonio Fortunati has a very pleasant website and online shop.

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