zaterdag 25 januari 2014

Take me home... to the place.. I belong

I am lucky to start spring in Umbria. Even though I have known better days, I shall not complain about my first two days in march 2013.

Yesterday was a plain sunny afternoon that I spent in the sunshine, now and then restlessly roaming around the property because the sounds of my neighbour pruning his olive trees and the birds singing made me want to be part of it.

This morning I woke up seeing a blue sky, there was hardly any wind and everything seemed just right. It was.
I went to the Frantoio Olio di Trevi and had a great time, but I will tell you about that seperately, it´s too interesting to include it in this blog.

I ate my lunch outside and then it became a bit cloudy. The temperature was fine though, so can you think of anything better than discovering the beauty of the Umbrian countryside?

Close to my home I had seen a hamlet called Torri (guess why) and I went there. Some of the houses are still in use, others have been left. 

Quite a pity for it´s a pittoresque village with stunning views of the countryside. At least, I made one friend.

Driving on I came across the Castello of Barratolo which is an agriturismo now. I met a few dogs and two tiny cats and three nice women so that was enough to make Barratolo nice to have visisted.

The last village to visit was Sarangano but on the way there I ran into this little chappel. The door was open but blocked by a rope that accidentally fell down when I touched it. 

I felt guilty about that so I thought the only thing I could to repay was taking a picture of the interior. Quiet and serene in its beauty.

On my way back I could not get enough of the views. It´s almost impossible to describe the overwhelming rolling hills and it´s equally difficult to take a good picture, but I tried.
A good beginning is half the battle...

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